Intricate Estate Rolex Piece

Every man deserves an elegant timepiece! Like this estate refinished, re-polished, and put back in shape Rolex piece. It is a 15234 model with a 35 mm case. Notice the elegant black Arabic, all Rolex, dial with diamonds. It has an 18k white gold fluted bezel and a stainless steel case and bracelet. It is also completely shock and water resistant. This beautiful piece ranges around the mid $2,000.

Come into Murray Jewelry today and we’ll help you customize and pick out the perfect piece for you or your loved ones.

And remember, Mr. Murray is one of only two gemologists in the area!

The Beauty of Pearls

Give her a gift unique as her with us at Murray Jewelry. Not one pearl is the exact same and Mr. Murray will explain to you the difference between these beauties.

When purchasing pearls, there are a number of things to look for like what color you want, quality, and shape. Your best pearls are graded on how round they are, how well they match if they’re the same size and the roundness of it. Also, you have to consider the outside cleanliness of the pearl and their pits.The first sets of pearls are a strand of double “A” quality. The luster, when lit, is reflected off and you can see the sharpness of the pearl with the beam of light.

The first sets of pearls are a strand of double “A” quality. The luster, when lit, is reflected off and you can see the sharpness of the pearl with the beam of light.

This second set of pearls, you get a chalky look with a diffused light and there are many surface imperfections on the pearls. With this set, you don’t get very well matched pearls or the same roundness. This is a nice strand, just lower quality. It’s more of a fashion strand with golden pearls.

The third set of pearls are a white freshwater strand but if you look closely you can see that some of the beads are not all round. The luster is good and the external qualities of the pearls are nice but they’re not very well matched; therefore, leading to a lower priced pearl.

We have various amounts of pearls to choose from. We can help you pick out the perfect one and in your budget!






A Look into the Bellarri Jewelry Line

One of kind designs and made differently from any designer in the world, designer Bellarri is a very unique jewelry line. What makes this designer stand out, is Bellarri herself designs each piece of jewelry and then her and her team find all of the rough gemstones they need for the piece. The rough stones are then intricately cut into all the specific shapes and sizes to make the piece of jewelry. While most designers lay out a design and find gems that are already calibrated to fit the piece of jewelry, Bellarri customizes each stone. This is something no else in the world does.

For more facts like this and a look into other designers, check out our Pinterest Page!

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Check out our Pinterest Page!

Looking for some inspiration to find the perfect piece of jewelry for that special someone, mom or dad, a good friend? Check out our Pinterest Page where we can help you find the perfect gift! We’ll be posting our designer brands daily and just in time for the holidays!  And remember, Mr. Jud Murray one of only two certified gemologists in the area.

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Vintage Blancpain

Perfect for the man who loves adventure!

This early 1960’s Blancpain Aqualung watch has all the original pieces intact with a new strap. This model watch is still made today but no longer in its 36 millimeter, now they make it up to a 42 millimeters. Specifically made for diving usage, this brand was used by the famous underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau, and his team of French divers who traveled all over the world.